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Nick Neacsu

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D.J. Denner

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West Vancouver Realtor

Finding a West Vancouver Realtor to be everything you could ask for can be a daunting task.  Not only do you want the realtor to meet all of your business needs but having great customer service would be a bonus as well.  With so many realtors to choose from, how do you pick the right one?


The Neacsu Denner Real Estate Group is everything a client could ask for and more!  From $1-million dollar condominiums to $20-million plus waterfront homes, Nick Neacsu and DJ Denner make sure that every client receives the same luxury service, no matter what the price range they are working within.  


It starts with a thorough meeting of what you are looking for, what your desires are, what your price range is, and most importantly, what they will do to make all of your dreams come true.


If you decide to sell your home, Neacsu and Denner will pull out all the stops and spare no expense to showcase your beautiful home, attracting buyers all around the world.  Their valued customers are ensured that they will receive the greatest return on investment with the least amount of inconvenience. With unique, fresh ideas, their marketing services are like no other.  In fact, given their ingenious methods, Neacsu and Denner are no strangers to selling a home in less than 24 hours!


Every luxury listing will be provided with a thorough feature sheet accurately portraying all the specifications of the home.  These features will be placed within a sleek portfolio package that will include beautiful, professional photography and contact information.  


Neacsu and Denner have access to some of the very best staging experts in the Greater Vancouver area who display the residence in its best form while selling the lifestyle that best matches the property.


Only the best photographers are used to bring the home to the forefront through stunning images.  Modern, state of the art equipment is utilized, capturing pictures from various angles, lighting, and different times of the day.  The details and craftsmanship are highlighted through clear, crisp, sharp photographs, as Neacsu and Denner understand that sophisticated buyers of homes appreciate this kind of attention to detail.  From there, the most glamorous shots are chosen to strategically advertise your luxury residence.


Videographers are also hired to film and produce high-quality, virtual tours of your property.  Often times, drones are used to encompass aerial views when necessary, and tasteful music is always included as a finishing touch.


When the marketing portfolio is complete, all of the specifications, photographs and videography are showcased on the Neacsu Denner Real Estate Group’s website in an organized fashion.  From there, the listing of the property will include an agents open and other marketing events. These events hosted by the Neacsu and Denner spare no expense: the Group’s brand collaborators greet guests with various brand products, including luxury vehicles on display from Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Rolls Royce, to name a few.  The posh events are kept classy and elegant with chic music, impeccable gourmet food and drinks, attractive flower and plant arrangements, and eye-catching ice sculptures. Again, no matter how big or small your residence, a Neacsu and Denner client will always receive their signature, luxury treatment.


Being young and motivated, yet experienced, realtors, the Neacsu Denner Real Estate Group know the importance and the vast reaches of social media.  This is why they are constantly up to date with their social media accounts, advertising luxury properties of all natures on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn.  They have a mass following of not only fans, but also clients and investors that are always seeking a new and exciting opportunity. Their social media approach allows for clients to publicly or privately ask questions, share listings and bring attention to feature properties, not only potential buyers, but other agents as well.  


Often times, Neacsu and Denner will go “live” with their accounts, taking their viewers for a virtual reality tour inside a property, explaining features along the way, allowing the audience to instantly ask questions, and being able to provide answers in “real time”.  Social media has proven to be a powerful tool in their marketing repertoire, often being primarily responsible for a listing to gain so much attention simply due to the immediate and vast ability for it to be passed along to other viewers.


Furthermore, the Neacsu Denner Real Estate Group has a boutique, clean and easy-to-use website that is consistently updated and attended to.  Viewers can search thousands of real-time listings for sale city by city and from one neighbourhood to the next. The user simply begins by choosing the region they would like to explore and start searching through their favourite locations within that city.  Locations containing existing properties along with new developments in progress or yet to be built are presented on their informative website. Also, pages upon pages of the Group’s sales portfolio showcases the multitude of business transactions they have accomplished in such a short period of time.  


Neacsu and Denner have a great understanding that the online presence of properties plays a strong role in viewership.  This is why they want their website to be a leader in optimization and have the most traffic of any real estate website among realtors in West Vancouver.  Additionally, their website is formatted to properly fit and display, in best presentation, on consumer devices of all natures.


If you are looking to buy a home, Neacsu and Denner will work tirelessly to find you the home of your dreams!


With such a competitive Vancouver real estate market, Neacsu and Denner know that research, networking, and strong negotiation skills are needed to land your dream residence.  Whether you are a local resident already or an out-of-town buyer, Neacsu and Denner dedicate themselves to ensuring that your experience remains as stress free as possible.


Initially, the duo will conduct a meeting in person or via phone call, Skype or email.  A base analysis is drawn up outlining what is important to you and your family. From there, the real estate group will agglomerate multiple listings fitting the requested criteria, and they will then personally vet those options. And, if you prefer, a FaceTime call can be conducted at the time of these tours to input personal opinions or ask questions from a far.  Photographs will also be taken and the duo will then return to their office and assemble a full report of each potential listing for your review.


Once the property listings have been reduced to the buyer’s preferences, Neacsu and Denner will organize a private listing tour during which they will directly escort you from one residence to another.  If you are arriving in the Vancouver area from out of town, the realtors will personally welcome you at the airport, and, if necessary, assist with any car service or transportation to pre-arranged accommodation.


The Neacsu Denner Real Estate Group know that when buying a property, knowing amenities such as stores and schools around the area are just as important.  Thus, an orientation tour is given showcasing an overview of the desirable neighbourhoods, including organized school visits and appointments with principals.


For instance, the desirable West Vancouver neighbourhood of West Bay is popular for family-orientated clients as there are beautiful homes, great schools, and the location is both near the highway and Marine Drive, the main road running through the city.  As a bonus part of their customer service, both Nick Neacsu and DJ Denner have spent lengthy periods of time in West Vancouver, with Neacsu even being raised in the gorgeous city for most of his youth. In fact, Neacsu even grew up in the West Bay area and has strong knowledge of the surrounding schools and amenities.  It is small bonuses such as this that make this real estate team offer such advantages to any buyer in West Vancouver.


During the purchasing process, if required, Neacsu and Denner will connect you with Vancouver’s top financial experts.  They will also create a price analysis for your review, explain the British Columbia acquisition process, as well as the Contract of Purchase and Sale.


Often times during the negotiation process, many sellers and agents are marketing to various cultural backgrounds and sometimes language barriers play a factor in communication.  Thus, the Neacsu Denner Real Estate Group comes equipped with translators, if necessary, to keep all levels of communication clear and to prevent any kind of transaction delay.


The two real estate moguls are experts in negotiation.  With Vancouver’s competitive market, sales of homes often reach bidding wars, and Neacsu and Denner have more than enough experience to know when there will be a multiple-offer situation, when to suggest that their client offer in excess of asking price and by how much.  When an offer is accepted, these two realtors will assist in any closing duties and will continue to serve you as a luxury client as they help you make all of the necessary arrangements that come with settling in. They even have on staff specific team members responsible for client care and assisting with any need.


From security services, smart home systems, and pool companies, to temporary accommodation, utility set-up, and car leasing or purchasing, the real estate team will remain with you every step of the way.  They will even coordinate a moving company and organize your mail redirection!


Whether relocating within the city, province, and country or out of country, moving is stressful and overwhelming.  From large inquiries like seeking a school, bank or doctor, to even the smallest inquiries such as finding a great grocery store, restaurant or playground, let the Neacsu Denner Real Estate Group help.  Their extensive knowledge of West Vancouver and its surrounding areas will make your transition seamless. And when life is starting to feel a little more settled, take their advice and explore some of the nearby, serene attractions like the incredible Scandinave Spa in Whistler or many of Vancouver’s Floatation Therapy Houses.


The Neacsu Denner Real Estate Group are so successfully unique in the real estate industry for many reasons. However, they strongly view their agent-client relationship as an intimate long-term partnership. They remain available to assist their clients whenever needed.  Proudly and openly displayed on their website are the numerous client testimonials that are a testament to how the professional and personal skill-set of the real estate team of Nick Neacsu and DJ Denner has forever made a positive impact on their clients’ lives and brought to fruition the real estate dreams that would not have been made possible without them.

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We at Neacsu Denner believe we have a fundamental responsibility to give back to our community as a positive and productive force – both locally and globally. We partner with non-profits such as CHANGE HEROES as well as the VANCOUVER PROSTATE CENTER. With close connections to these and other organizations we are excited to help them achieve their goals.

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