The Fine Art of Marketing

At Neacsu Denner Real Estate we pride ourselves for the strength we created in reaching buyers through an array of quality "Print-to-Web" marketing placements. Our collaborative marketing efforts have successfully united the most significant real estate transactions in our city. 

We welcome you to explore the strength our global marketing program can offer you today.

Open Evenings & Weekends

With a large majority of buyers requesting to view properties evenings and weekends, we are able to maximize opportunities with our 24/7 work ethic. We personally show your home using our unique and honed skill sets acquired from years of experience to ensure your home is properly represented and stands out from the competition. 

Professional Photography

Working with the very best in professional real estate photography, our photos stand out from the competition and are featured in a number of architectural and design magazines and can be found trending on social media attracting the attention of international buyers.

Dynamic True Video Tours

With many of today's buyers coming from across the globe, it's not uncommon for those buyer's to send a representative or family member to preview a home on their behalf. Our Dynamic True Video tours allow the buyer to see and connect with your home from anywhere in the world, giving your listing the exposure it deserves.


We are excited to be the FIRST IN VANCOUVER to offer our clients a TRUE VR TOUR for all of our new listings. Now buyers from across the globe can navigate through our listings with the same technology google uses for their "Street View". Walk behind the Island to see your view while cooking, take a ride in the homes elevator or stroll around the pool deck at night. All of this can be done from your laptop or hand-held device and connect your phone to your Google or Samsung goggles and walk through the home in true 3D VR fashion. 

Professional Floor Plans

Accurate measurements and floor plans are a necessity when marketing to today's sophisticated buyers. Your home will have onsite measurements and computerized floor plans by a team with backgrounds in Design, Land Surveying, Construction, Building Technologies and proven competency with BOMA measurements.

16 Page Magazine Quality Listing Brochures

Knowing our clients have invested a significant amount of time, effort and money into making their home perfect, Neacsu Denner believes that the hard work and attention to detail should not end there. Once listed, your home will receive magazine quality brochures containing photos, floor plans and detailed information about your home that buyers can take with them and review later.

Sophisticated Web Presence

Working with the best in marketing and advertising, we are proud to offer our clients first-class online marketing services ranging from highly sophisticated SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to eye-catching advertising providing high-quality photos, videos, floor plans and more.

Social Media

"The art of meaningfull connections." Our social media presence acts as a second on-line listing service providing our close group of followers with a first hand look of coming soon, newly listed as well as behind the scenes footage designed to help connect buyers and agents with our portfolio of beautidul homes.

Flexible Mobile Web Presence

In today's world, over 70% of people use handheld devices to visit most websites. Your homes strategic marketing program also includes a second separate website created specifically for tablets and smart-phones. All of your homes information including photo's, videos, floor plans and more will be readily available and optimized to work easily and efficiently on all touch-screen mobile devices.

High Definition Arial Video & Photography

Arial or "Drone" footage is a necessity to capture your homes beauty, views and profile. 

Dream Homes Magazine

Maximizing listing exposure is one of our main focuses when your home joins the market. DREAM HOMES OF CANADA MAGAZINE is a first-class method in which to showcase our clients spectacular properties through Canada's finest luxury real estate publication.



Exclusive Agents Open House

Personalized invitations, calls to buyers and agents, food, drink, listing packages and guided tours are given to each agent and their buyers at your homes first Agent Open House. Your home will be presented in a professional and polished manor ensuring that the utmost attention is brought to every detail of your homes unique features and attributes.


Juwai, which means “home overseas”,  services over 2 million high-net-worth Chinese buyers in China each month who intend to purchase luxury property abroad. As a part of our comprehensive marketing program, we are excited to announce our partnership with JUWAI.COM LUXE, one of the world’s most prominent Chinese real estate websites. Referred to as "China's MLS", Vancouver is one of the most searched cities and allows the most dominant group of buyers to search for properties before visiting our city.


Reliable & Confidential Market Analysis

During your private consultation, a comprehensive market analysis will be provided that was created specifically for your home. Together we will review the analysis to create a custom pricing strategy based on your goals and utilizing a unique and aggressive approach to evaluating homes in today's marketplace. This approach coupled with a broad understanding of market conditions, proven systems and a drive to help you succeed ultimately leads to clients receiving the greatest return on their investment, in the least amount of time with minimal inconvenience.

Concierge Services

For our valued clients, Neacsu Denner offers a unique end-to-end Concierge Service, which enriches all aspects of our client’s real estate experience. Through this Concierge Service, Neacsu Denner generously shares their Rolodex to give exclusive access to the city’s best architects, contractors, interior designers, financial experts, movers and much more. Always dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service, attention to detail, courtesy and discretion will be paid to all requests.

For our international clients visiting from abroad, whether you’re looking to secure dinner reservations at one of Vancouver's premier eateries, need assistance with car service for the weekend, or need tickets to the best sporting or social event, the team at Neacsu Denner can assist. Our select network of partners can provide the most exclusive services and privileges in the city.